Inbox Xero

A productivity badge of honour or an unrealistic and slightly stress-inducing goal?! Let me know what you think...
2023-04-22 63

Creating and Using Email Auto Responses

Whether you're away from your desk for a morning, a fortnight or simply going offline, setting an OOO message keeps everyone in the loop.
2021-07-21 920

Things to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you are thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant then this blog post discusses the important considerations and some practical questions to ask.
2021-05-11 998

Getting the most out of your Virtual Assistant

Whether you're already working with a VA or looking to start, make sure you're getting the most out of it with these top tips.
2021-05-11 796

What to expect from a Virtual Assistant?

A VA provides your business with added skillsets and the flexibility to help your business flourish so don't worry if you're feeling nervous about delegating!
2021-05-09 1247

Time Saving Tools on Xero

Xero is full of time-saving tools to automate and simplify your bookkeeping process. Are you making the most of them?
2021-05-06 922
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