Things to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant


Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a big step and one that should be carefully through through to ensure you choose someone that is a good fit for your organisation, with the right experience and skill sets, as well as being fully compliant and insured.

The first contact you may have with a VA is when you land on their website or social media pages. You can use these sources to find out a lot about a VA's experience, industry or role niche and working style however there are other, practical factors to consider too.

  • Do they have all necessary insurances?

  • How do they manage their work?
    • What systems do they use to track their time?
    • How do they share work progress?⁠

  • Do they have set working hours and do these hours fit with your requirements?

  • How do they securely share documents and information?⁠

  • Are they ICO compliant? You can check this for yourself on the ICO website:

  • Do they have ECS (previously known as AML) supervision through the HMRC? This is applicable for VAs providing accountancy type services such as bookkeeping?

  • What experience do they have that meets your requirements?
    • Do they have provide specialist support in a business area such as HR, finance or social media?
    • Do they specialise in any software that would benefit your business like an online CRM or digital accountancy software?

  • How do they like to communicate and what tools do they use to keep in contact?

  • ⁠What are their standard Terms & Conditions and rates/packages?⁠

  • ⁠Have you read their client testimonials?

It’s important to choose a VA that you can build a good rapport and working relationship with. I always arrange an introductory Zoom or phone call so I can get to know a potential client and they can learn about me and my experience too - the relationship has to work both ways!

A trial working period is helpful too as it provides the perfect opportunity to discuss how things are going, review the workload and key tasks and agree the way forward⁠.

If you’re thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant and would like to ask me all of the above or have some other questions of your own, just drop me a line - would be delighted to have a chat!

Ellie Lane
Fast Lane VA Ltd

M: 07814 456740