Working from home: our new normal

As soon as Covid came onto the scene, working from home became the new normal and has remained that way ever since. Some people adopt a more hybrid approach, splitting their time between an office and home but others are fully remote. I have an established WFH routine so the change felt was minimal but there are some tips and tricks I find help me to get the most out of my working day when working from home.

Start the Day:

Firstly, the situation we all find ourselves in right now is different to anything we have ever faced before. So it’s important to accept that you wont always be productive but what you can do is start the day as you mean to go on. Get up at a good time, shower and get dressed! Sounds obvious but a strong mindset is essential right now and being ready for the day ahead will help.

Your Workspace:

If you can, create a designated workspace in your home. Over the weeks ahead you will probably find yourself sharing your space with other family members. Keep it organised and stocked up with paper, pens, chargers etc so you have everything to hand.

Plan your Day:

During the school holidays, if I have work to do and my children are at home for all or some of the day I try and work in blocks of 30-45 minutes (this may vary depending on the age of your children). This is realistic for me and is a strategy that will really hep working parents at the moment when you are being lots of different people from worker to parent to teacher! Any large projects or tasks that require no distraction get saved for the evening. Flexibility is everything.

If you are able to stick to a timetable, then let your colleagues or clients know when you are available to talk. But don't worry if you can't, this is what email and voicemail is for!

Take Regular Breaks:

Prioritise some fresh air each day, and exercise too if you can. In the last couple of weeks, this has been the only part of our day that we haven’t skipped on and has made the world of difference to all of us. Stepping away from your desk or screen and getting a change of scenery helps reset and stop you losing motivation.

Stay in Touch:

We are spoilt for choice these days with the number of ways we can keep in touch and communicate with the outside world. Now more than ever, video conferencing systems will be our lifeline. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, House Party are just a few.

Be Kind to Yourself:

This is an unusually stressful and uncertain time for everyone. Do what you can do. Now is not the time to stress about or set unrealistic restrictions on screen time for your kids! We all need some downtime – EMBRACE IT because when the world gets back to normal we will miss this slower pace of life, I know I will.

Take care, stay safe and good luck for the weeks ahead! x

Ellie Lane
Fast Lane VA Ltd

M: 07814 456740