Would it surprise you to hear that employees are spending up to a third of their working time each year on admin tasks? Plus manual processes and outdated systems are to blame for poor productivity and low engagement. Not exactly a smart and super efficient working environment!

If you employ a team, then you'll know that your employees are one of your businesses most valuable assets. You need to maximise their skills by allowing them to dedicate their valuable time each day to work that makes a difference to your business. Or perhaps you're a sole trader - what are the special skills, qualifications and training that allowed you to start your business in the first place? (I'll bet it wasn't because you were excellent at filing or data entry!)
It is time to focus on these areas and stop getting bogged down by emails, admin and paperwork!

All businesses have jobs that must be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis but they don't have to be done by you or your team.

A Virtual Assistant can provide you with a perfect, flexible solution; you can outsource some of your admin requirements, tap into fresh expertise, handover the ongoing management of routine tasks and pay only for the support you need. Without realising it you're outsourcing lots of things in your personal life already, things that you need an expert for like a hairdresser, mechanic or physiotherapist. Why not do the same for your business?

To give you a starting point, here are some things that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant - selecting just two or three areas or tasks will make a difference and will give you the extra hours in the day to focus elsewhere in your business or even take some time out for yourself.

  • Log receipts into a simple spreadsheet, categorise and recharge
  • Enter invoices and bills into an accounting system
  • Produce payment reminder report
  • Chase late payers
  • Clear out junk mail and unsubscribe from mailing lists
  • File messages and attachments for easy future reference
  • Set-up a simple but effective system for prioritising emails that need action
  • Book appointments and source meeting venues
  • Create calendar confirmations and reminders for all delegates
  • Prepare and issue the agenda
  • Prepare correspondence - letters, invitations, press releases
  • Research and compile addressee database
  • Print, fulfil and post
  • Set-up email marketing campaigns
  • Launch a new CRM system and import raw data
  • De-dupe and merge existing records
  • Carry out regular database audits - GDPR compliance
  • Compile competitor lists for analysis
  • Identify potential new customers for a product or service launch
  • Research hashtags for a social media campaign
  • Obtain quotes and compare prices
  • Diarise reminders for renewal dates
  • Set up a secure shared drive for important policy documents
  • Proofread marketing materials prior to print
  • Format email campaigns, blog posts and press releases
  • Check formal agreements and presentations.

This is just an example of how a virtual assistant can help you and your business, but really anything is possible.

If you have a specific one-off project or a set of ongoing tasks that you need support with then do get in touch!

Ellie Lane
Fast Lane VA Ltd

M: 07814 456740