What would you do with a spare 30 minutes?

In just 20 minutes a day you can put a dent in those tasks that you know you should be tackling but they feel unachievable because you're unsure where to begin. Sometimes just starting a task is enough and you don't have to complete it in one sitting - in fact some things will need to be ongoing, but by regularly setting aside time you will keep on top of them.

So here are some ideas of small but MIGHTY tasks to get you started:

Inbox Cleanse

About a year ago, I discovered Clean Fox, a FREE app that cleans up your Inbox by helping you to identify and get rid of unwanted emails for good. Whether it's newsletters, daily promotions or spam, Clean Fox will identify them all and allow you to easily choose whether you want to keep receiving them or simply unsubscribe at the click of a button, freeing up valuable space in your inbox in the process.


As a Virtual Assistant, it is my job to help my clients get the most out of each working day and an overflowing and unmanageable inbox is a drain. Helping my clients complete this task and create a structure of sub-folders or a priority flagging system, has resulted in a much more efficient way of working for both them, their team and in the way I can support them too. Being able to quickly lay their hands on the email they want is very welcome!

Phone Storage

We are all guilty of taking 10 photos of something when one will do and as we all rely so heavily on our phones these days, it's essential we keep them functioning efficiently. I have an iPhone which is my lifeline as a business owner and the Google Photos app is great for securely storing and backing up my photos saving vital storage capacity. I took full advantage of the free memory space available and have only recently had to pay for extra storage and it's a minimal amount.


Every month, I work through my Google Photos app deleting the photos and videos I no longer wish to keep. At the end of each session, I go to the Photos app on my iPhone and empty the Recently Deleted folder. If you have a lot of photos to get through, tackle them in date order with a month of photos at a time.

Password Manager

I have a good memory but with the best will in the world I can't remember all my log-ins and passwords without a little help. I access online portals and software on behalf of my clients with my own unique log in details and therefore have direct access to confidential business/customer information and sensitive data, so it is imperative I store this information securely.

My 'can't live without' app is DashLane, which allows me to save all my unique logins, business banking details and I have a secure notes section for each client with useful information. The app is fully encrypted and the free version allows you to store up to 40 passwords. I have the premium package but at less than £40 a year it is money well spent for peace of mind.


In today's digital age, you must take extra steps to protect data. Constantly having to click that 'forgot password' link, or worse still being hacked, is a BIG pain which would cost your business time and money! We need to be careful with our own personal information too, whether it's your personal banking, social media or email accounts so this task is worth dedicating some of your time to.

I hope this blog post shows that breaking down a task into short, manageable chunks can stop you feeling overwhelmed and can have a noticeable impact on your daily productivity and focus. It may only take you 20 minutes but your future self will thank you for it!

If you still feel overwhelmed and would like to know what it feels like to have a spare hour or two a week, then please contact me to find out how much time you can save having a VA taking care of your essential tasks.

Ellie Lane
Fast Lane VA Ltd

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